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Black Rabbit

MOKA owner Mónica Chiriboga has had a small deli bordering Parque de Cumbayá for years.


She handcrafts ravioli, gnocchi and pasta sauce with her small backyard garden and local, fresh vegetables. She sells a day menu and pre-prepared pasta to cook at home. In 2018 she decided to redesign her brand, both for the Deli Restaurant and the take-out products. 

Artboard 21-100.jpg
Artboard 20-100.jpg
Artboard 22-100.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 4 copia 2-100.jpg
Artboard 28-100.jpg

Constructing the logo

The ravioli shape can be simplified into a circle and a square. Moka is more than just the ravioli... so the logo is more than just the circle and square. 

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