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Mercado Mixtura

"Mercado Mixtura" is a Restaurant in the Cumbayá Sector of Quito. The brainchild of the Gilbert siblings; an architect, an interior designer and a chef, it opened in 2017.

Mixtura means “mix” in Spanish and Portugese. The restaurant embodies this concept, just as much as the logo. The space is an eclectic mix of materials: wood, metal and adobe, among others, the food itself brings together influences from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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Developing the Brand

The logo mark is not a single image - rather a dynamic system, which changes depending on the need within an exterior structure- similar to the restaurant itself. 

The brand identity developed from a single geometric shape that includes all the letters contained in the word "Mixtura", and a written Manifesto that explores the joining of the clients experience with the chef's vision. 

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