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Neisi Patricia Dajomes is an Ecuadorian weightlifter in the 76kg category. She became the first Ecuadorian female athlete to win an olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2020, and the third athlete overall in the country’s history. ​


Neisi, her team and I created a logo with a unique identity that embodies her personality and her aesthetic. We had the idea of creating a brand identity that would grow with her, reflect her excellence in the sport, and remain true to her values and image.

Artboard 58-100.jpg
Artboard 61-100.jpg

The Strongest Woman in Ecuador

On August 1st, 2021, with a weight total of 263kg,

Neisi won an undisputed gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


This achievement turned her into a national celebrity overnight.

A book about her life was published in 2021, and a documentary is filming and scheduled to air early in 2023. Neisi's logo is prominently featured in both. 

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