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This branding project began with the premise that skincare should feature organic ingredients, energetic stones and meditative techniques to create a healthier lifestyle.


The project then developed towards creating a name, logo, branding identity and packaging elements for the first line of products. Each element and product has a huge emphasis on details - every color, stamp and illustration is  carefully selected to emphasize the brand. 

Artboard 53-100.jpg
Artboard 55-100.jpg
Artboard 46-100.jpg
Artboard 56-100.jpg
Artboard 51-100_edited.jpg

Skinly is bottled beauty

The name comes from joining skin + lovely, and the logo mark was created as an abstraction of the molecular structure of skin; the dermis, epidermis and melanin components.

These hexagonal and interlacing shapes were then the basis for the font selection and the brand patterns. 

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