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MOKA owner Mónica Chiriboga has had a small deli bordering Parque de Cumbayá for years.


She handcrafts ravioli, gnocchi and pasta sauce with her small backyard garden and local, fresh vegetables. She sells a day menu and pre-prepared pasta to cook at home. In 2018 she decided to redesign her brand, both for the Deli Restaurant and the take-out products. 

Artboard 21-100.jpg


MAC Cosmetics Sustainable Brand Redesign

The Sustainable Materials class at SCAD teaches the properties of different physical materials, and what the enviromental costs of them are. 

The objective of this project was to sustainably redesign a brand of our choosing. Kiera Ceyssens and Lia Aleman partnered to reimagine MAC Cosmetics into WAC Cosmetics- short for Waste Adverse Cosmetics and a play on the original name, "flipping the brand on its head" so to speak. 

Artboard 20-100.jpg
Artboard 22-100.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 4 copia 2-100.jpg
Artboard 28-100.jpg

Constructing the logo

The ravioli shape can be simplified into a circle and a square. Moka is more than just the ravioli... so the logo is more than just the circle and square. 

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