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Waste Adverse Cosmetics is a potential MAC Cosmetics sub-brand that re-designs the entire business around recycling and re-purposing waste.


It maintains the brand recognition from the established brand, flipping the first letter not only to change the word, but to show that we are transitioning to a zero waste, circular economy.

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 9.48.49 PM.png

Modular Refilable Packaging 

Made of semi-transparent PLA plastic. It is a low energy during production material that uses the same machinery as the current packaging. Inexpensive and biodegradable under commercial composting conditions.



Currently, MAC is not being truthful to their customers.


Their website actively promotes the fact that they don’t use chemicals in their products, while at the same time they list the same product hidden on an employee portal.   

WAC_Project 3.png

WAC we can do about it

Transparency plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability by allowing consumers to make informed decisions about their purchases based on accurate information about the environmental and social impact of products.

Rewards systems can be an effective tool to create awareness and incentivize positive behavior change by encouraging individuals who adopt environmentally-friendly practices and supporting a culture of responsible consumption.

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